Apie Mus

UAB BALTIC HYDROENERGY was established 21. October 1999 with the objective to develop and operate Hydro Power stations in Lithuania. The only shareholder of the company is the Norwegian company Baltic Hydroenergy AS.  The owner’s investments and  experience have helped us to develop the business in Lithuania.

UAB BALTIC HYDROENERGY has rented 7 sites to build up Hydro Power Stations in Kedainiu region, and 1 site in Pakruojo region.
Totally 5 stations were developed with a total installation of 2.520 KW and production capacity on an average year on 8,0 GWh.




Donelai?io g. 62-401, LT - 44248 Kaunas, Lietuva Tel/faks. +370 37 320518, el.p.: info@hydroenergy.lt